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Healing and Creating Balance with + Emotions

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Did You know unbalanced emotions are one of the biggest causes of energy/Qi blockages in the body?

Every feeling we experience; every wondering thought , every emotion expressed is pure energy. Everything in the universe can be described as frequency and vibration; and the same is true for our emotional landscape.

Vibration and frequencies interact with each other, and directly impact the frequency and vibration of our physical bodies including our organs. Like a pebble thrown in the water these vibrations create a ripple effect, a resonance.

Understanding this resonance empowers us to create and tap into the vibration of positive, balanced thoughts and emotions.


Our emotions allow us to express

our state of mind. They can drive us forward or make us feel like we are on a stand still. We know what an emotional roller coaster feels like, and have experienced feeling depleted when sadness takes over, or a surge of cortisol when feeling anger or frustration. Negative emotions take us for a spin creating a downward spiral that spills over all areas of our lives. On the other side of the spectrum positive emotions generate an upward spiral which transfers onto every facet of our life experience. There is nothing new about the power of emotions; in fact our ancestors already knew this and found ways to harness their power. Today we have access to this ancient technology and can practice the powerful techniques scholars discovered thousands of years ago. One of these practices is Qigong and the 5 element healing movements.

The founder of Spring Forest Qigong, Master Chunyi Lin created a form of Qigong known as the five element healing movements which is inspired by the theory of the five elements. This unique practice draws from the energy patterns of nature, and includes the power of emotions and their vibrations to awaken the healing intelligence of our bodies and help us regain our balance. This signature practice can be done by anyone and it is both simple and powerful.

Learning to balance our emotions is key in creating a healthy , meaningful life. You can start right where you are .

Tip #1 - SMILE

In Spring Forest Qigong we learn that smiling is a powerful way to open our hearts.

Smiling releases endorphins and natural pain killers in the body. Smiling releases stress and initiates a relaxation response. Modern science now points out to smiles as a longevity practice.

Tip #2 - Movement

Our bodies are meant to move. Wether you enjoy going out for a stroll, or having a dance; movement can be a powerful way to learn to be in the moment. When we are fully present we are less likely to indulge in negative self talk and emotions.

"The thoughts you have and the words you use when you are talking to yourself all determine the way you experience your life"

~Chunyi Lin

Grow your + Emotions :

Tip #3 - Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is one of the positive emotions used in the practice of the five elements. Thankfulness not only opens the heart, but enhances our vitality. Expressing gratitude for what we have creates an expansive vibration that allows for more positive emotions to come through. Begin your day with gratitude and observe the ripples unfold throughout the day.

Tip #4 - Acts of Kindness

Kindness not only creates beauty and compassion in the world; but it also purifies your energy. Holding kindness in your heart will invite you to transform emotions and blockages. When we express kindness we radiate LOVE.

Tip #5 - Change the story

Become aware of your inner dialogue. If you find yourself engaging in negative talk, change the story. Practice forgiving yourself and know that you are taking steps towards a more balanced dialogue. Try talking to yourself in front of a mirror, and experience how it feels talking to yourself in a tender and nurturing way.

Tip #6 Practice Qigong:

If you are curious about the benefits of Qigong and want to learn how to create a happy , healthy and balanced life. Then Spring Forest Qigong 5 element healing movements might be the best practice for You. Here at we offer training, classes, sessions and many other opportunities to learn all about this healing practice.

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