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An impromptu community art project 

Dreamwheel Dance

The fundamental concept :  A curated public event which uses mixed media, street art and performance to celebrate the land/space, community,  environment and its people. Allocated circles are distributed and  assigned to groups or solo artists/individuals. The distributed collaboration grows outwards from a central circular hub or central mandala. The finale is a celebratory dance party, around the entire chalked art space.

Dreamwheel Dance Qiflow SM.png

Notes on participation:

  • Participants agree their art will focus on the use  of form and  pattern , and are briefed as such (ie. no letters or written language in respect of the space).

  • Setting  Intentions that amplify the harmony and the appreciation of inter-connectedness. " Land, people and environment" Through collaboration all participants in real-time  create a mural/mandala together . Like a 2-dimensional dreaming habitat forming in time-lapse, a  heart to heart connection, an internal dreaming landscape expressed by the feeling senses.

  • To ensure the art work cohabitates in harmony  and respect with the space it is actively curated.


Notes on the concept:

  • The process is multi dimensional. It can be considered art therapy; exercise, carefree expression, happy doodling play; and/or meditation practice. 

  • Music , sound and vibration with non-lyrical, uplifting nature accompanies the chalk art;  starting with slow beats/ambient harmonies that  slide up to a crescendo signalling  the cessation of drawing time and transition to dance party. Live percussion instrumentation ads another layer of participation and performance.


The Qi of Spaces

The project came to be called “the Moa Res”, which is short for Moana* Residency.

Moana is the name for deep waters in Hawaiian




















 The project began slowly and organically. Initially It was Ishi looking for a  place by the beach to drum. a place with quick easy access, and some protection and buffering from the elements. It began as something joyful to do,  as a kind of response to the dramatic changes in the ‘psychic weather’ of people in the community in the year of 2020.














The informal start.

In April of 2020  public places were commonly empty due to the  general feelings of uncertainty and fear.  Though the atmosphere seemed full of angst; the intent to do a healthy activity of dancing outside by the ocean air & uplifting the spirits with up beat body-movin’ tracks, birthed a decision to make an outdoor dance space, with simply, a boombox, a USB of multi-genre dance music, accompanied with live percussions.



The first pavement chalk-art sprouts, buds, & blooms

At the end of 2020  an artist friend remarked to ishi, “how about making some chalk art” on the rough pavers of the place.

From a few cheap-shop chalk colours, and simplistic forms, to extended colours of Crayola© chalks with ever growing complexity; the almost entirely not pre-planned drawings began, in quite an organic way. Like a 2D garden growing into its cycles, fertilised by visions and  impressions seen in meditation, and felt in dance sequences. Siuling joins the Art collaborative project.

~The wisdom of chalk art lies in its impermanence. Imagery and colour come forth and invite you to focus on the moment. You cannot force pigment to stay endlessly; rain and footsteps will soon wash it away. Gone and yet leaving behind echoes and Imprinted vibrations that expand~

Siu 2021

Image by Tincho Franco
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