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 Qi flow Spring Forest Qigong -Practice Group

SFQ Qi flow Practice group is a gathering place to learn and dip your toes in the practice of Spring Forest Qigong. We encourage and support each other’s journey through the healing practice , and build a sense of community and belonging.

Our mission is to share Master Chunyi Lin's Vision " A healer in every Home and a world without pain and suffering" and share SFQ with the world.

practice sessions offered in English, Spanish, Mandarin.

soon to offer many more practices led in other languages .

Weekend practices starting from 10 am local time Adelaide, Australia.

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Qi Flow Spring Forest Qigong - Group on ZOOM

Online via Zoom

weekly sessions

Monday - Friday  at 6:30 am Adelaide Australia Local time. Duration 30- 45 -60 minutes. (Check your time zone)

Learn and practice the complete sequence of Spring Forest Qigong 5 element  healing movements , legacy movements,  guided meditation , short healing energy practice.

This class is for people of all levels , no prior experience necessary.

Currently we offer these sessions on donation basis; we appreciate your gifts and support. however this is our gift to the world; so don't let currency be an obstacle to practicing along with us.

    Participants informed when changes to schedule occur.

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Imaginative & Natural Teacher.

Siu-ling Loved this practice! It was wonderful to focus on using our imagination as a child. Thank you for reminding us of that! You are a natural teacher!"


You are an extremely effective leader, Siu-ling Bisogno Hau. Thank you so much for working with us. The thousand hands are all around us, as I type ... so energizing. Again, thank you ... sending love and light from Manville, Alberta, Canada

Amazing Energy & Healing Experience

Beautiful practice, Siu-ling, thank you! I loved your introductory comments as well and applaud your dedication to lead us at 1:30am, your time!



Disclaimer: This page and practice groups are managed by Siuling Bisogno Hau and are not associated with the Spring Forest Qigong home office or Spring Forest Qigong Incorporated.

     By participating, donating or purchasing :

  • You understand that our sessions include gentle body movement and meditations. You agree to work within your own  capacity and limitations and will take full responsibility for your own safety and well-being. 

  • You acknowledge and accept the risk of any potential injuries  resulting from movement and emotional harm resulting from participation in our program.

  • You fully release Siuling Bisogno Hau from any liability associated with injury or damages sustained from her Qigong instruction or your participation in these  sessions, classes, trainings.

  • You agree that it is your responsibility to consult with your health care provider to determine if our services are right for you.

  • You understand that the class is intended for Qigong practice and general information only. For medical advice, talk to your health care provider.