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Spring Forest Qigong Training

Level One: Qi Activation

 What is Qigong?  a simple explanation of Qigong is “working with Qi”often referred as working with energy. Qigong can also be described as a science and study of the universe and its relationship with life and wellbeing on all levels. 

Spring Forest Qigong Qi Activation Level One Training it is comprehensive training in the arts and ancient science of Qigong.

Designed to create a strong foundation and establish  solid grounds that uphold thousands of years of ancient tradition. The Qi Activation training will help you unlock the mysteries and secrets of Qigong Healing and its applications in our modern world.

Slow moving meditations in combination with breathing, sound-vibration and postures, are a few of the fundamental practices you will learn to deepen in your practice.

Training Highlights:

  • How direct your Qi 

  • Understanding emptiness, stillness , & connecting with the Universe

  •  Tapping into a greater source of energy.

  • Theory of the 5 elements and the wisdom behind the five element healing movements practice & meditation.

  • Small Universe Meditation for internal refinement.

  • Meditations, breathing techniques, slow movements, postures ,  and sound/vibration to activate & cultivate our vital energy called Qi.

  • The Yin and Yang theory and wisdom.

  •   Qi blockages and how to transform them.

  •  Special bonus  at the end of the training. Learn a simple and powerful healing technique that can empower you to help yourself and others.



Qi activation

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Are you ready to discover your healing potential ?

Join Spring Forest Certified Qigong Trainer

Siuling Bisogno Hau for a Qi Activation training in 2022.


Master Chunyi Lin, Grand Qigong Master

Founder of Spring Forest Qigong

Image by Ivana Cajina
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