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Green Field

Remote Healing Sessions

Northern Lights

Remote Energy Healing Session

Wanting a little extra support and guidance on you healing journey? Schedule a long distance healing session and receive gentle healing energy to balance you in every level. Qigong healing is not limited by distance, space, time or speed. Receive a complimentary healing review directly to your inbox.


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Remote Energy Healing Bundle

                                                             Book 3 sessions at once and Save 15%. AUD $194.00


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Healing request

Image by Luke Tanis

Disclaimer: This page and practice is managed by Siuling Bisogno Hau and are not associated with the Spring Forest Qigong home office or Spring Forest Qigong Incorporated.

By purchasing and participating:

  • You understand that the sessions include gentle movement and meditation and agree to work within your own personal limitations taking full responsibility for your own safety and well-being.

  • You acknowledge and accept the risk of any potential injuries and emotional harm resulting from participation in this program.

  • You fully release Siuling Bisogno Hau from any liability associated with injury or damages sustained from her Qigong instruction or your participation in these classes, sessions, programs.

  • You agree that it is your sole responsibility to consult with your health care provider to determine if our services are  right for you.

  • You understand that our services are complimentary and intended for general information only. For medical advice, seek the advice of a health professional and care provider.

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