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Qigong Round the World 

Being, Becoming, Belonging Qi-ful Perspectives for Children 

A book for children of all ages that will help you discover the intelligence of your Qi and reignite your sense of wonder for our Qi filled universe.

This handbook can be viewed as a cook book, a tool box  about Being, Becoming, and Belonging.

Or a gentle guide book that invites you to select, explore, and play with activities that help you to understand yourself as a unique Qi being and individual. 

Smile, relax, and have fun as you open your heart and mind to unconditional love and the infinite possibilities offered here.


This book is dedicated with great love and humility to the memory of Spring Forest QigongTM Master Jennie Trotter and Spring Forest QigongTM Certified Instructor Deborah Cheney, both great inspirations to the Spring Forest QigongTM family and both dedicated to supporting and educating the children of our world.

Intention of Handbook:

The intention of this handbook is to reach anyone around the world who is in contact with children and willing to guide, help, and love them. As we present these lessons for children of all ages, the hope is that the children will then teach other children and maybe even adults. In this manner the teaching, perspectives, and philosophies of Spring Forest QigongTM will come to encircle the world through a diversity of cultures, societies, locations, and generations. As we the authors humbly present our material, we want to make clear that the content does not necessarily reflect or represent the exact teachings or policies held by Spring Forest QigongTM. We are introducing at times our own personal insights and experiences.

Who Will Use the Handbook:

The persons whom we invite to explore and share this material may include, but are not exclusive to:

  •   Families: parents (biological, adoptive, foster), grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, nannies, alternative caretakers.

  •   Schools: teachers, aids, administrators, school board members, custodians, counselors, school psychologists, nurses, social workers, cafeteria workers, office staff, crossing guards, bus drivers and monitors, coaches.

  •   Health care professionals: hospitals, urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, nurses, doctors, private offices, first responders.

  •   Legal systems: courts, lawyers, judges, social workers, crisis services, probation officers, law enforcement officers.

  •   Community centers: libraries, museums, activity centers.

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Donations and proceeds received from the Book Qigong round the world will go to support the vision and mission of Spring Forest Qigong.

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