Private Sessions

Practice Spring Forest Qigong

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One-on-one private session

Looking for a more personal touch? Unhurried time with a mentor to guide your Qigong journey?

Why not experience a practice Qigong on your schedule from the comfort of your home.

Book a private 1 hour session and experience a full practice all Spring Forest Qigong 5-element movements.

After the active movements relax and enjoy a guided meditation while receiving healing energy.


Customised one on one, group & team sessions

We can tailor group sessions for you!

We offer customised group practice experiences.

we offer themes or focus practices to support your needs.

you will  enjoy movement practice, guided meditation of your choice , and techniques and tips focused on the area of interest.

Examples: Stress Release, Growing Gratitude, Educator Wellbeing, Qigong and Mindfulness in the Classroom, Qi Journaling Art.

you can also request your on theme or focus practice.

AUD$15 per person

(min. 5 people)

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Lotus Flower

Private session bundle

Looking to go deeper into your learning and practice?

need one on one support to guide your practice?

Want to enjoy a practice that suits your schedule, while in the comfort of your home?

Book a private 1 hour session and experience  practice of Spring Forest Qigong 5-element healing movements, followed by a 

Guided meditation and moment of relaxation  where you will  receive healing energy.

Save 20% by purchasing 5 sessions at once!


Private session -
add a person

Add one more person to your session

invite a friend or loved one to share a special session with you.


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Disclaimer: This page and practice is managed by Siuling Bisogno Hau and are not associated with the Spring Forest Qigong home office or Spring Forest Qigong Incorporated.

By purchasing :

  • You understand that the sessions includes gentle movement & meditation; agree to work within your own limitations, take full responsibility for your own safety and well-being.

  • You acknowledge and accept the risk of any potential injuries and emotional harm resulting from participation in this program.

  • You fully release Siuling Bisogno from any liability associated with injury or damages sustained from her Qigong instruction or your participation in these classes. 

  • You agree that it is your responsibility to consult with your health care provider to determine if a class is right for you.

  • You understand that the class is intended for Qigong practice and general information only. For medical advice, talk to your health care provider.