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Qigong workshops

Living Qigong moment to moment.

Refinement techniques for modern living.


Enjoy the ancient practice of daily cultivation.

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The Four Pillars of Qigong Series:


Learn the art of refinement, and create the  best results for a successful Qigong practice.

Enhance and maximise the benefits of your Qigong practice by refining the 4 pillars that sustain all  SFQ Yin internal refinement  and Yang physical movement forms and techniques.


The four pillars that support our cultivation practice are : breathing, movement, mind , and vibration of sound.

Join the 8 week series or stand alone practices and create a solid foundation .

(Replays available for 1 week)

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Dates to be anounced

Adelaide, Australia time

USA (central time)

One class 1 hour session 12 US$

3 sessions bundle -  4 pillars 30 US$

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One session
Session bundle
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