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Sound. Healing. Movement.


New Growth
Spring Forest Qigong -level 1 - online

Qi activation is the new and evolved level one training launched in 2021 by the Founder and Creator of Spring Forest Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin.  Learn the healing wisdom of the Five Elements Movements and go deeper in your understanding of the Ancient practice of Qigong. Incredibly rich training filled with practical techniques for optimal health, balance & wellbeing.

Morning Mist over Forest
Practice Spring Forest Qigong online

Practice SFQ online via Zoom.  Make time to relax and enjoy the support of a  fun a nurturing community.


Private Sessions

Needing a mentor to support you and kickstart you Qigong practice? looking for a way to include Qigong in your schedule?
Private sessions are available for individuals or small groups.

Mountians and Lake

Remote Healing

Distant and remote  Qigong healing sessions over Zoom. 30 minutes with a healer supporting you and sharing healing tips.

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your Trainers

Siuling Bisogno Hau

Siuling is Certified as a Spring Forest Qigong Trainer , Qigong Healer and Practice Group Leader. She is a Holistic Counsellor, Rhythm 2 Recovery facilitator, and Reiki Master. Siuling is a  visual artist & illustrator with over 25 years of experience in  the education sector .

Teaching is her passion and she delivers her classes bringing gentle qualities that are both nurturing and playful. Her mission is to empower people and support them in rediscovering their joy of life. Building community and a sense of belonging are very much a part of working alongside Siuling. She will support you, assist you, and empower you to actively participate in your own journey!

 Siuling offers a set of services that empower people to fully participate  their healing transformation; and offers support as you navigate your health and wellness challenges. she works with clients closely, and mentor students as they explore  and create their own journeys. Please browse Siuling's services and get in touch if you’re interested in working with her.


With a background in audio-visual design, ishi has trained in numerous internal wushu & qigong styles over the years, & has always loved making beats and dancing.

He is dedicated to creating sound & visual events that energize, inspire & empower the innate human possibilities  for perceiving & expressing expanded states of being.

Also a certified facilitator for Rhythm 2 Recovery.

Twin activate

We  offer collaborative classes and sessions that combine live sound with the principles of elemental dance and movement .

This is a fun & energizing play with vocal tones, body percussion & movement syntax set to live electronic music & accoustic drumming.

The yin & yang play between ishi & Siuling mixes the active outer exercises with the internal, as gentle guided meditations. Get in touch with us if your interested in our events and services.






Level one: Qi Activation is created for those who wish to go deeper in the understanding of Qigong's wisdom , while learning it's  healing applications and benefits.

Practice SFQ online with our global community. 

Experience support  and  sense of belonging as you connect and practice with fellow Qigong practioners.

Is privacy important for you? are you looking for one on one guidance? No worries, we have the sessions for you. Enjoy the personal touch of a one-on-one session and instruction.

Do you want to learn how to bring Mindfulness and Qigong to your classroom and workplace?

Enjoy the personal touch of one-on-one, group or team mentoring sessions and instruction.


2022 Qigong events

Are you interested in the different applications Qigong has to offer?. Join us and learn how Qigong can support you and enhance your wellbeing. 

Green Hills


White Sand and Stone


To my experience, Siu-ling was “born a teacher.” She was gentle, patient, creative, and full of knowledge and wisdom. I felt her healing power shone through when I first time saw her. I believe everyone will agree with me when they meet Siu-ling. I highly recommend taking SFQ Qi-Activation class with Siu-ling. She definitely is a teacher that you will not want to miss!

Hannah (USA)


I am very honored to be able to highly recommend Siu-ling Bisogno, I know few people with her sensitivity and love for the work she does. She empathically connects with each of his students and clearly conveys SFQ's philosophy and practices. Having been able to practice with her and other SFQ instructors has allowed me to maintain and in some moments regain physical and emotional health and has helped me to feel more and more my connection with the universe.

Concepción (Mexico)

 I was very fortunate to have discovered Ms Bisogno Hau’s practice during this challenging Covid filtered year.

The very first messages I received from my virtual Qigong practice with Siuling is her loving-kindness, welcoming spirit and  positivity. With repeated practice I have found Siuling to be exceptionally patient, gentle-while engaging each student, energetic, extremely knowledgable of the details, as well as how and why they are helpful for the body and soul. Siuling is a great communicator and her passion for teaching is infectious. She is compassionate, very interesting and a natural leader!  Also I find it exceptional that she offers her practice in Spanish as well.Siuling makes her practice very easy to follow no matter what level the viewer is at and makes clear adjustments to help one get the most out of the experience.

Who wouldn’t want to follow her practice!

Ken (USA)

Siu-ling,  Being in your beautiful energy is so heart expanding and fills me with such joy!! I so appreciate all that you do to bring healing into our lives by sharing your deep wisdom, things to ponder, helpful hints, and your love.  Each practice is a new beginning of being more of who we are meant to be as healers.  Your gentle voice and movements make it so easy to follow and to go into the peacefulness.  I am deeply grateful and blessed for having connected with Siu-ling.  I always look forward to being in her Qi field and sharing the practice with her.  Wishing her much success as she shines her beautiful light and love out to the world.

Julie (USA)



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