Remote Healing Sessions

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Remote Energy Healing Session

Wanting a little extra support and guidance on you healing journey? Schedule a zoom healing session and receive gentle healing energy to balance you in every level. Qigong healing is not limited by distance, space, time or speed.


Remote Energy Healing Bundle

Book 3 sessions at once and Save 15%!

AUD $125.00

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About the session:

How to prepare and what to do before your healing session?

 Wear comfortable clothing and Please  have water available to drink. You can bring a glass of drinking water, or as much water you would like to include in the healing session.
Room temperature water is good, but if you would like to begin your session with a balancing tonic; Yin-Yang water is Best!

You can make Yin-Yang water anytime by  combining room temperature water and hot water together. The instructions are very simple to follow.

fill a glass half way through with room temperature drinking water and the remaining portion and other half  with boiling water.

This is a simple and powerful tonic you can include in your daily routine as a way to support and balance the digestive system and assist you with cleansing your body.

How to Access your healing session?

As soon as you schedule the appointment, you will receive instructions and details for a zoom meeting . You can chose to have video or camera off.

What to expect during a Qigong healing session?

you will have time to discuss and share any inquiries before the healing session.

Your healer will  tune in and work on identifying your body’s  energy and current state .

You will be directed and prompted into a comfortable position and during a brief period of stillness and silence, your Healer will scan and detect any energy blockages in your  body, remove them, and  balance your energy by sending healing to you and your water.


after receiving your healing session and bringing your body’s Qi (energy) to harmony and balance , any excess or stagnant energy is transformed and cleared. 

At this point of the session you are invited to enjoy and relax into the meditate and relaxation you attained during the healing session.

When the session is complete  (between 20 to 30 minutes), your Healer will let you know tell you the session has ended.  Should you chose to continue  your meditation; the Healer will exit the meeting quietly. It is also ok to slow down and rest for the next 30 minutes. If you decide to conclude your meditation at the same time the session ends, your healer will support you as you come out of the meditation state.

Recommendations and suggestions:

After the  healing session  you will receive recommendations  and tips for ongoing support. these will allow you to be a full participant of the healing process. These suggestions will be tailored specifically for your personal needs and lifestyle 

further healing sessions might be recommended.

An email  with your recommendations will be sent out to you following your appointment.

Disclaimer: This page and practice is managed by Siuling Bisogno Hau and are not associated with the Spring Forest Qigong home office or Spring Forest Qigong Incorporated.

By purchasing and participating:

  • You understand that the sessions include gentle movement and meditation and agree to work within your own personal limitations taking full responsibility for your own safety and well-being.

  • You acknowledge and accept the risk of any potential injuries and emotional harm resulting from participation in this program.

  • You fully release Siuling Bisogno Hau from any liability associated with injury or damages sustained from her Qigong instruction or your participation in these classes, sessions, programs.

  • You agree that it is your sole responsibility to consult with your health care provider to determine if our services are  right for you.

  • You understand that our services are complimentary and intended for general information only. For medical advice, seek the advice of a health professional and care provider.